The first pupils short-term exchange was celebrated to show products and results of teaching unit 1 related to vertical learning modules (VLM) “The role of empathy”, a vertical approach with peer to peer workshops during the exchange. Groups composed of students of different school levels supported by the teachers: high school students help lower grade students to use the softwares to create their own stories.

The mobility took place in Pedro Almodovar Art school environment from 17th to 23th of February in which students and teachers had the chance to meet each others, cultural exchange and shared knowledge.

The main objective was to encourage students to share their own experiences, insights and feelings about their work in classroom. This one can be broken down into the following aims:

  • To sharing students own experiences, insights and feelings about their work in classroom.
  • To show works in an exhibition and in presentations related to teaching unit 1 (part of the main Intellectual Output) in order to have a general overview about her results.
  • To have the first real contact between students from different schools.
  • To improve knowledge and awareness about Cyberbullying issue.
  • To promote collaboration between students of different countries and ages and language practice.
  • To experience a new culture and place.

In this exchange participated the following partner school:

  • Istituto di Istruzione Superiore F. Mengaroni from Italy with eight students and one teacher.
  • Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Polo 3 from Italy with seven students and two teachers.
  • Istituto Comprensivo Gaudiano from Italy with seven students and two teachers.
  • Istituto Comprensivo Mercantini from Italy with seven students and two teachers.
  • Liceul Tehnologic Retezat Uricani from Romania with six students and one teacher.
  • Zespół Szkół Centrum Edukacji from Poland with seven students and four teachers.

Practical works were shown in form of slideshow presentations and an exhibition. All students’ works used illustration, collage, photography,video or any other artistic technique works represented their understanding of empathy.

IIS Mengaroni students n “Highlighting” students emphasized the message that their photograph/video conveyed by using a variety of art techniques.

IIS Polo 3 students illustrated a story through different drawing techniques.

IC Gaudiano pupils created select some passages of the story and illustrate them in order to create a comic. Then they created a digital storytelling using some graphic programs: Adobe Spark, Storyboard That and  Powerpoint.

Liceul Tehnologic ”Retezat” students made drawings, storytelling and drama using online tools to create video storytelling and videos.

IC Mercantini pupils draught sketches choosing their own characters, emoticons, locations. The teacher provided digital instruments necessary to create them in digital format.

Zespół Szkół Centrum Edukacji produced a Digital film with 3d characters and exhibit some previous drafts.

The collaboration between students from different schools and ages was well appreciated, in terms of new friendship and new cultures understanding and self-confidence growing. Cyberbullying knowledge, English language practice, working in project activities has been well evaluated. 


First short-term exchange of pupils in Spain: The role of empathy
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