On November 20, the School of Art and Design Superior Pedro Almodóvar together with the Regional Center for Teacher Training organizes the First Conference “Prevent and address cyberbullying in schools.”

The organization of this day is part of the Erasmus + project “Addressing teaching to prevent cyberbullying phenomenon at schools” in which the School of Art participates in association with other schools in Italy, Romania and Poland.

The day was held in morning session from 9.30 am in the auditorium of the Multiple Services Building and afternoon sessions from 4.30 pm at the School of Art building.

One of the objectives of this event was the dissemination of the results of the first Intellectual Output of the project, based on research and analysis of the needs of schools, by the Spanish coordination of the project as a talk. The main points of the report “IO1.1: Research and Analysis of School Needs” were shown and discussed. In addition, during the morning, there were presentations by experts in the different areas of the phenomenon of cyberbullying, and in the afternoon, under the workshop format, the participants worked on the subject from a more practical point of view. As a finishing touch, the short film “Grooming” by Ciudad Real-born filmmaker Javier López Velasco was screened, after which a debate and farewell took place.

In total 62 participants had been counted, mainly principals, teachers and advisors from other schools, although the event was opened to parents of the students and organizations.

1st Multiplier Event “Prevent and address cyberbullying in schools” in Spain
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