APPs (2017-1-IT02-KA201-03-66-53) is a co-funded project by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union approved by Italian National Agency (Indire).

The main aim is to develop and promote an integrated approach in the prevention of cyber-bullying phenomenon in schools. This will be achieved by working to develop common and tailored educational strategies that involve directly teachers, directors, pupils and key experts at national and European level, coming from 7 educational institutions located in Italy, Spain, Poland and Romania and 2 training agencies located in Italy and Ireland. The schools involved belong to different stage of education such as primary, lower and upper secondary level (students from 8 to 17 years old).

According to European priorities, the project’s objectives come from the need of each Institute involved to improve the quality of teaching by developing and experimenting with vertical learning modules in order to guarantee an appropriate curricular approach to social and emotional education as the fundamental key for personal development and, as the consequence,  an important success factor for school cyber-bullying prevention.

Students will be directly involved in developing content for vertical modules sharing the results during the short-term exchange planned in Spain, Romania, Poland and Italy.

The project will last thirty months, beginning September 2017.

The Vertical Learning Modules (VLM) will be implemented in the seven educational institutions involved as part of the ‘Educational Operative Programme’ (EOP) as from school year 2020-2021. They will available for school communities interested in the use of open resources being used to enhance awareness and to empower competences in dealing with cyber-bullying prevention.