Zespół Szkół Centrum Edukacji im.I.Łukasiewicza (Płock, Poland), as vocational school partner, involved in the testing phase 17 students of the school (technical college), second class, not involved in the project. The activity was held on November 2019 by 3 teachers and 4 students participing in APPs project.

The aims were to give practical application of the “Cyberbullying in media” activity in the form of a workshop by following the topics of the three vertical units (Empathy, Media and Bystanders).

Methodology used has been selected in order to foster students’ participation such as debating, active participation, self-evaluation and peer mentoring.

The workshop was divided into several parts, cobined into one final session.

The main activities were:

– a warm-up activity

– a session dedicated to the reflection of the words cyberbullying, empathy, bystander, upstander, ridicule, abuse with the help of two students of our project by using artistic expressions like drawings and photos associated to the required vocabulary

– a video projection on Cyberbullying. The movie titled “A Bullied Teacher” and created by students participating in the project was presented to the class

– a freeze-frame viewing and commenting on the viewed behavior in the act

– a working in group session: students were divided into groups to discuss the most desirable reactions and emotional responses to the ensuing situations in the movie

– a presentation of the common solutions carried out by each groups

– a debate session

The workshop met its purpose. Students took active part in the discussion and expressed their opinions, shared their impressions. They realised the main idea behind the course of the activities, they learnt how to distinguish the reprehensible acts of bullying and various reactions to them. Also, they knew the meaning of the target vocabulary.

OVERVIEW OF THE TESTING PHASE – Workshop at Zespol school, Poland: Cyberbullying in Media
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