IIS POLO3 FANO, as school partner, involved in the testing phase the Vocational Institute “A. VOLTA” in Fano. The activity lasted 3 months: from September to December 2019.

The testing institution was selected among the five schools included in POLO3, considering the schools which was interested in Cyberbullying issues and which did not take part in the project.

The students involved are the ones of class 2A (3A next school year), composed of 16 pupils, who are going to attend Electronics section next year. The age of pupils participating in the activity are between 16 and 17.

The teachers of the testing school have received information and materials from the responsible APPs teachers. APPs teachers and students will support them during the entire process of the three units (Empathy, social media and By-standers).

The testing students have been guided and supported by APPs students during the workshop. This activity was chosen in order to stimulate and to increase student motivation and active participation by offering innovative teaching methodologies such as peer education.

In fact, during the workshop, organised on 20th of November, students of Polo3 presented their works to the testing students and prepared a drama activity about cyberbullying to make the students act the different roles included in this phenomenon.

The testing phase will be embedded in the didactic planning of the subjects involved.

OVERVIEW OF THE TESTING PHASE – Workshop at Polo3, Fano: Cyerbullying Drama
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