The final transnational project meeting took place on 21 -22 February at IIS Mengaroni school, in Pesaro (Italy) and it was organized and carried out by the Italian coordinator – IIS Mengaroni.

The main aim of the meeting was to focus on the following aspects:

–  Dissemination activity carried out so far and to be implemented within and after the project lifespan

– Results of the various LTTA activities carried out so far and of the last LTTA activity foreseen

– Results of the Intellectual output created and redefinition according to the testing phase done in each school institutions

-Preparations for the final report and collection of the supporting documents required

– Sustainability Plan

– Results of the Multiplier events organised in Poland, Spain and Romania and discussion about the final event to be organised in Italy.

The presentations were led by Maria Roberta Cappelletti (IIS Mengaroni), as coordinator; by Marica Sabbatini (Co.meta srl) in charge of supporting the management of the project and responsible for the Dissemination activity and by Benedetta Tallevi and Nicoletta Spendolini as representative of POLO 3 school, leading partner in the development of the main Intellectual Output (Vertical Learning Modules – VLMs). All partners participated actively to the discussions.

The final transnational project meeting

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