The mobility of students took place on 30 September to 04 October in  Zespół Szkół Centrum Edukacji in Płock, Poland. 90 students and teachers from Poland, Italy, Spain and Romania took part in it. The goal was to show products and results of teaching unit 3 related to vertical learning modules (VLM) “Bystanders”, a vertical approach with peer to peer workshops during the exchange.

On 30.09.2019, the opening ceremony was held in the school assembly hall. Partners were introduced to the authority of school and welcomed by the headmaster Tomasz Wiśniewski. ZSCE students presented an artistic program-traditional Polish legend, presentations, songs, dances .Participants were served Erasmus cake. After lunch, followed by partners had a meeting with the Mayor of Płock in the Town Hall and a visit to the Town Hall.


The next day, the schools of Gaudiano, Mengaroni, Retezat and Almodòvar presented the materials produced by the students in the third teaching unit: “Bystanders”. After the presentation, there was arranged an exhibition of works prepared by students, which related thematically to the program. It was followed by a tour of Płock in two groups, with the participation of guides. Partners visited Old Town, 2 museums, Tumskie Hill, Cathedral and other important buildings.

On 02.10.2019, Mercantini, Polo 3 and ZSCE schools displayed their presentations. After them, during the meeting of coordinators of all schools, students and teachers watched films prepared by ZSCE, concerning on-online violence. In the afternoon, there were workshops at the local theatre, run by an actor. They concerned expression and reaction to violence. The workshop took place in eight groups and students had to performe different situations presenting active and passive bystanders. It was filmed by the actor.

03.10.2019 – a trip to Warsaw. We were divided into 2 groups and were accompanied by 2 guides. Among the attractions was a visit to the Science Center named after M. Copernicus, where participants could experience scientific ‘hands on’ experiments. We also visited the Old Town and  Łazienki Park. We spent time in Warsaw until the evening.

On the last day of the reunion, we visited the oldest high school in Poland – the Malachowski High School, which is located in Płock. A guide accompanied us. After returning to school, there was a presentation of results of the workshop that took place two days earlier. Then the participants completed the online survey about this mobility. After lunch, there were classes in chemistry and biology, held at school. Everyone could see interesting chemical experiments or selected animals from the Płock zoo and learn about their lives. The last item on the schedule was the farewell ceremony on which certificates of participation were distributed.

Students from abroad stayed with Polish families or in a city hotel. On daily basis, everyone was provided with lunch and refreshments during breaks between activities. In free time, there were city walks and individual meetings.


On Saturday, all foreign participants returned to their countries.

Students Mobility in Poland

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