The second students’ short term exchange of APPs ‘ project was held to present the products and results of the second teaching unit from the VLM modules- Understanding Media.

The host of this mobility for students was – Liceul Tehnologic ‘’Retezat’’ Uricani from 13 to 18 of May 2019.

We hosted 59 people from: Italy, Poland and Spain, as follow:

  • Istituto di Istruzione Superiore F. Mengaroni from Italy with 6 students and 3 teachers.
  • Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Polo 3 from Italy with 7 students and 4 teachers.
  • Istituto Comprensivo Gaudiano from Italy with 7 students and 2 teachers.
  • Istituto Comprensivo Mercantini from Italy with 7 students and 2 teachers.
  • Zespół Szkół Centrum Edukacji from Poland with 6 students and 4 teachers.
  • Escuela de Arte Pedro Almodovar from Spain with 8 students and 3 teachers.

It is important to say that  20 highschool students were hosted in our student’ families, which encouraged them more, to share and to discover each other culture and traditions.

The main objectives of this mobility were:

  • To share students’ experiences and feelings about their work in the classroom
  • To improve knowledge and awareness about Cyberbullying phenomenon
  • To present their work about the second Teaching Unit- Understanding Media, in order to have a general overview about the unit’s results
  • To encourage collaboration between students of different countries and ages and language practice.
  • To discover a new culture and new environments

All students’ works were shown in different presentations where they used: films, slideshow presentations, images, photographs, Thing Link presentations, drawings and other technique to express their understanding about the role of media in the cyberbullying phenomenon.

In the first two days of the mobility, students presented their work about the second Teaching Unit-Understanding Media:

IIS Mengaroni students presented their work using  photos and video conveyed by using ThingLink and other software .

IIS Polo 3 students illustrated a story through different digital techniques.

IC Gaudiano pupils created comics. Then they created a digital storytelling using some graphic programs: Adobe Spark and  Powerpoint.

IC Mercantini pupils presented sketches drawing characters and emoticons. They were helped by teachers to create presentations  in digital format.

Zespół Szkół Centrum Edukacji produced a  second Digital film with 3d characters.

Escuela de Arte Pedro Almodovar presented different drawings and comics using various art techniques.

In the last two days the students took part to workshops and their task was to produce in different ways, news about the importance of media and about cyberbullying and their experiences regarding this issue. One of the article appeared in the local newspaper.

This exchange was appreciated by everyone and offered the chance to develop new competences, attitudes and behaviors and about cyberbullying issue. It was a good example to emphasize the importance of European projects for our schools and for our communities.

Second short-term exchange of pupils in Romania: Understanding Media
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