The event was led by ZESPÓŁ SZKÓŁ CENTRUM EDUKACJI in Plock (Poland) on 14th of October 2019, with the ORKE National Teacher Competences Training Centre organized the Conference “Uzbrojony w wiedzę. Bezpieczeństwo dzieci w internecie” Translation-Prevent and address cyberbullying in schools”.The day was held in 2 sessions , morning 9.00-13.30 in the auditorium of ZSCE  and afternoon 14.30-16.30 pm. at the same place.

The main aim of the event was the dissemination of the results of carried activities of Vertical Learning Modules in school (IO1) based on materials and analysis gathered by our school. The main co-organizer and supporter of a conference was ORKE Centre.

The main points of the IO1.2 Developing VLMs were shown and discussed. There were presented three modules: Empathy, Media, and Bystanders .The value of this is a fact that students created all modules. Our co-organizer presented its lecture and videos based on these aspects. During the first session, there were presentations by experts in the different areas of the phenomenon of cyberbullying, and in the afternoon, the participants could watch the subject from a more practical point of view. Students who created the Units performed their work and talked with participants.

Totally 52 participants were counted, specialists, teachers and trainers, experts, psychologists, pedagogues, parents and 12 students coming from different schools.

Most of the participants were very pleased about the event, they appreciated the work we do for this project, and we received many invitations to multiply this event in their organisations.

Second Multiplier Event in Poland

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