According to the level of each school involved (Primary level, Lower secondary level and Upper secondary level), school partners have produced different modules addressed to specific target group.

The main subject areas have been identified through the results of the training process will be in common where each school divided per level will start to develop its VLM products. The three topics are as follows:

  • Empathy
  • Medium
  • By-standers

Starting from May 2019, teachers from each school have designed the third teaching unit about Bystanders. The aims to introduce the role of By-stander: what are the actors of cyber-bullying, how they work and different types of roles, their different functions, positive functions and roles and negative functions, roles and effects: bullies/perpetrators, bullied, by-standers and up-standers.

After the development of the first and second teaching units about Empathy and Media, the third unit has the purpose to engage by-standers and transform their behaviour into up-standers. This is the final aim of the process to combat cyber-bullying at school.


During the development of the third teaching unit students have been involved in the different  activities, such as:

  • Production of written texts, hypertexts, digital stories, storyboards for videos and comics using also Thinglink, Edmodo, Pinterest and other platforms.
  • Production of a storyboard for a video to show the different attitudes and behaviours of by-standers and up-standers.
  • Designing and developing a board game (“Game of Bystanders”) in which a character must advance boxes to reach the end of a circuit.


A preview of the artistic materials produced by students.

Development of VLM – The third Teaching Unit: Bystanders
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