According to the level of each school involved (Primary level, Lower secondary level and Upper secondary level), school partners have produced different modules addressed to specific target group.

The main subject areas have been identified through the results of the training process will be in common where each school divided per level will start to develop its VLM products. The three topics are as follows:

  • Empathy
  • Medium
  • Bystanders

Starting from September 2018, teachers from each school have designed the first teaching unit about Empathy. The aims to introduce the concept of empathy based also on the perspective of psychology.


During the development of the first teaching unit, students have been involved in the following activities:

– EMPATHY WORKSHOPS to experiment empathy with all the senses (theatre workshops, body language, high reading, drawing, etc.)

– Creation of a story of EMPATHY – in English and in national language

– Digital narrative activity – a digital tool to tell the story or create a hypertext starting from one of the images of the boys texts, videos, etc. Ex. THINGLINK

– Creation of a graphic and artistic product, to show during the mobility in Spain on EMPATHY – an innovative product (.i.e. empathy calendar, comics on empathy, video, illustrated story of empathy, video)

Development of VLM – The first teaching unit: Empathy

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