After developing the three teaching units related to the Vertical Learning Modules (VLMs), the coordinator with the contribution of all the partners created the testing methodology.

At different stages teachers, pupils and school staff will be involved in a learning process aimed at testing vertical curriculum focusing on the development of soft skills as first step to raise awareness on cyber-bullying prevention in schools.

During the testing of vertical learning modules (VLM) partners will use workshops to discuss, present and test the vertical learning modules in order to implement them in the school curriculum.

The testing Methodology will foresee the following main activities:

  • Testing of learning modules at each school in each country partner institution involved also using the Interactive Platform
  • Follow-up of their results

Target groups will be:

  1. Students involved in the project for each school level (Primary, Lower secondary school, Upper Secondary School)
  2. Students outside APPs partnership (e.g. associate partners)
  3. Teachers: teachers of the partner schools and teachers of the associate partners

Method adopted will include two levels, as follows:

LEVEL 1 – Students and teachers involved in the project for each school level (Primary, Lower secondary school, Upper secondary school).

  • Students and teachers involved in the creation of the didactic material and in the development of the VLM will be submitted an online questionnaire about the results of the activities carried out.

LEVEL 2 – Students and teachers outside APPs partnership (e.g. Associate partners)

  • 1. External Evaluation: the testing school, not involved in the project, will decide which activity to choose according to the class (age, school level, skills, etc.).
  • 2. Internal evaluation: the schools partners will exchange the units and test them with each other in a class not involved in the project.

For each unit, one activity will be chosen in the introductory phase and one activity in the creative phase. These schools will also carry out a workshop with the testing school. The workshop will be an occasion for peer-to-peer tutoring.

The testing school will use the testing tools created by the project partners with the possibility to adapt it to the testing class.

An assessment process will be addressed to both teachers and students’ involved in the testing phase. The Edmodo platform will be used, as an added tool, for peer-to-peer tutoring towards the schools/classes, which will test the modules.

Development of a testing methodology
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